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Attempting to tell the entire life story of Father Theodore Hesburgh, C.S.C., would be a daunting task by any account. Assembling the sights, sounds, and writings of Father Hesburgh, and organizing such a large volume of material into a cohesive story is even more so. It is a project that has only just begun-the portal will grow over time as Father Hesburgh's materials continue to be digitized.

Support for the Hesburgh Portal was provided by the President's Circle, an annual funding initiative directed by University President, Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C., in support of key initiatives and ongoing University of Notre Dame priorities.

Although this project provides an expansive storyline of Father Hesburgh's life, these materials represent only a fraction of Father Hesburgh's rich collection housed in the University Archives. The finding aid for the Father Theodore M. Hesburgh Papers is available on the University Archives website. For additional questions and information about the University of Notre Dame Archives, please contact Patrick Milhoan, Head Archivist, at 574-631-9348.

Partnerships and Collaborators

The creation of the Father Hesburgh Life & Legacy research portal has been a multi-year, collaborative partnership made possible by a team of people from diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise. These individuals are listed below-to each of them we extend many thanks for their talents and significant contributions.

University of Notre Dame

Advisory Committee

Ann M. Firth
Chief of Staff to Notre Dame's President, Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C.

Rev. William M. Lies, C.S.C.
Vice President for Mission Engagement and Church Affairs

Ronald D. Kraemer
Vice President and Chief Information and Digital Officer

Diane Parr Walker
Edward H. Arnold University Librarian

Hesburgh Libraries

Vision and Planning Team

The planning team developed the long-term vision and concept for the research portal. Areas of focus included: digitization and preservation, access and discovery, information architecture, user experience, website design, and a multi-tiered, multi-media content strategy to offer meaningful engagement opportunities for visitors and scholars at every level.

Robert Fox - Web and Software Engineering Unit Manager
Dan Brubaker Horst - Digital Library Applications Lead
Charles Lamb - Senior Photograph and Audiovisual Archivist
Tara O'Leary - Communications and Marketing Program Director
Robin Schaff - Senior User Experience Analyst
Miranda VanNevel - Project Manager
John Wang - Associate University Librarian
Andy Wetherill - Web Developer


Portal Leads

Charles Lamb
Senior Photograph and Audiovisual Archivist, University Archives
In addition to initial project planning, Charles coordinated the work of the Archives staff during the content development phases. He assisted with the selection and acquisition of audiovisual materials and served as a proofreader/editor.

Leilani Briel
Hesburgh Website Project Professional, University Archives
Leilani researched, wrote and edited portal stories covering various aspects of Father Hesburgh's life. She also assisted in the selection of companion documents and audiovisual content to complement her work.

Andy Wetherill
Web Developer, Web and Software Engineering Unit
In addition to initial project planning, Andy was the primary web designer and developer for the portal. He also facilitated a smooth integration with the Hesburgh Libraries' digital platform and has provided ongoing technical support for the University Archives.


Portal Contributors

Tracy Bergstrom
Director, Specialized Collections and Services Program
Tracy provided ongoing oversight and project support, and served as a content editor.

Wm Kevin Cawley
Senior Archivist and Curator of Manuscripts University Archives, Hesburgh Libraries
Kevin assisted in content planning, editing, and document selection. He also created archival finding aids for the Hesburgh papers and photographs on the portal.

Erik Dix
Audiovisual Archivist, University Archives
Erik digitized the audiovisual materials and prepared them for online access.

Angela Fritz
Head of University Archives
Angela assisted in coordinating the final work plan and corresponding contributions of the Archives staff. She also served as a content editor.

Tom Hanstra
Senior Systems Administrator, Enterprise Systems
Tom oversaw and coordinated the technical environment for the Hesburgh Portal.

Elizabeth Hogan
Photograph Archivist, University Archives
Elizabeth assisted in the photo selection process and digitized the photographs for the portal. Much of her work, Illinois Rally for Civil Rights 1964, was included in The Summer of 1964 story.

Jenna Mrozinske
Communications and Marketing Specialist, Communications and Marketing Program
Jenna served as a copy editor and proofreader for the project.

Harsh Parekh
QA Developer Lead, Digital Library Technology
Harsh coordinated the quality assurance testing for the portal.

Kathleen Russell
Senior User Experience Analyst, Web and Software Engineering
Kate advised user design and accessibility throughout the project's development.

Miranda VanNevel
Project Manager, Digital Access, Resources, and Information Technology
Miranda served as the project manager for Father Hesburgh Life & Legacy, and coordinated the work between the content and technical teams.

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